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Digital Radio Deployment in Europe

Update of EBU R138 on Digital Radio Deployment in Europe

Paolo Casagranda

The Radio Group of the EBU Strategic Programme, co-chaired by Rai Research Centre, has updated the guidelines for Digital Radio Deployment in Europe, included in the EBU R138 recommendation.


CRIT @ Big Data Tech 2017

RAI Research @ Big Data Tech 2017

Alberto Messina

The Center for Research and Technological Innovation has attended the 4th Big Data Tech event, which took place in Milan on 12th October. The conference deals with technology and business issues related to the Big Data universe and is sponsored by prestigious industrial brands in the industry. CRIT, in collaboration with AgileLab, presented the experimental developments of the AgileRAI platform, a system for automatic and real-time annotation of video streams.

News 2017 September 28

Teaching at the "Foniatria e Logopedia 2.0" Conference in Turin

Mauro Rossini

The researcher of the Rai Research Centre, Mauro Rossini, invited by Prof. Albera and Dr. Montuschi (Otolaryngology Department of Città della Salute e della Scienza of Turin), presented the Rai project named “Stretch TV” at the Conference “Foniatria e Logopedia 2.0″ in Turin.

News 2017 July 11

Salone del Libro TURIN 2017: Crit on Lingotto Rai stand

Team e-Inclusion Project

An innovative project aimed at the inclusion of people with disabilities to create an accessible museum path at the Museum of Radio and Television of Turin has presented at Lingotto.

News 2017 July 11

News on Buongiorno Regione Rai3 Lombardia

Andrea Del Principe, Carmen Marino

The crew of Rai3 Buongiorno Regione Lombardia shot a video on the HEAD project, during the convention hosted by Fondazione Don Gnocchi in Milan. The video has been aired on June 28, 2017.

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