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Projects e-inclusion of the RAI Research Centre concern the study and development of technologies addressed to persons with disabilities, in line with the provisions of the Service Contract Rai.



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News 2024 March 06

Design Manual for Accessibility and Enjoyment of Cultural Heritage. From Human Functioning to the Functioning of Cultural Spaces

Carmen Marino - Mauro Rossini

“The Accessibility Project for RAI Cultural Spaces, born from the decade-long collaboration between the two RAI Directorates for ESG Sustainability and CRITS, has become the focal point of RAI’s contribution to the ‘Design Manual for Accessibility and Enjoyment of Cultural Heritage. From Human Functioning to the Functioning of Cultural Spaces’ by CNR, which was published in February 2024.”

News 2024 March 06

Sound Sensation. Music Without Barriers. When Deafness Turns into Sound

Carmen Marino - Mauro Rossini

From classical music to folk rock, from dance to Latin dances, through performances of ‘musical’ live painting: sounds, movements, and gestures capable of challenging and overcoming deafness. Because it is deafness that unites artists with cochlear implants from Italy, Austria, Finland, Germany, and Portugal who – on Sunday, March 3rd at 5:30 PM, at the Rai Auditorium ‘Arturo Toscanini’ in Turin, was livestreamed on RaiPlay – will bring to life “Sound Sensation. Music Without Barriers”.

News 2021 June 21


Alberto Messina, Mauro Rossini

The EBU AI and Data Initiative is the EBU’s cross-disciplinary exploration of AI and data in PSM, including regulatory aspects, technologies, organizational matters, skills, strategy and content developments. The AIDI Group defines the Initiative’s strategy and priorities and meets online once a month to discuss on-going work, common issues, and future opportunities. 


The initiative is managed by the Rai CTO Area Departments – Centre for Research, Technological Innovation and Experimentation (CRITS) and Information Technology ICT of Turin, with the support of the International Relations and European Affairs Department.

News 2021 April 26

Rai wins the Digital Diversity Brand Award 2021 for inclusion thanks to the Rai Virtual LIS platform developed by CRITS

Mauro Rossini - Carmen Marino - Andrea Del Principe

Rai is the winner of the Diversity Brand Awards 2021.

Rai wins the “Digital Diversity Brand Awards 2021” thanks to the Virtual LIS – Didactics Platform, an important award that rewards attention to technological innovation in the filed of accessibility and social inclusion. The Virtual LIS – Didactics platform, developed by the Rai Centre for Research Technological Innovation and Experimentation (CRITS), allows to generate contents in sign language using avatars for new applications in didactic and cultural contexts.

News 2017 July 11

Salone del Libro TURIN 2017: Crit on Lingotto Rai stand

Team e-Inclusion Project

An innovative project aimed at the inclusion of people with disabilities to create an accessible museum path at the Museum of Radio and Television of Turin has presented at Lingotto.