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4th  Generation. It is the fourth generation of wireless mobile telecommunications technology, succeeding 3G.

Projects with this TAG (3)

Active project

Mitigation techniques of the interference generated in TV distribution installations by 4G/5G signals in the 700 and 800 MHz bands

The activation in the UHF band of 4G/5G Base Stations can have in some areas an impact on TV reception, especially in case of community antenna installations. The adoption of proper interference mitigation techniques, such as the insertion of specifically designed filters at the head-end of the distribution network, allows to mimimise the effects in most situations.

Completed project

Assessment of the interference generated by the LTE signal on the head-end amplifiers of the TV reception systems

The presence of 800 MHz LTE signals within the UHF band traditionally used to distribute television signals may in some cases cause interference problems.

Experimental activity (completed)

The DVB-T2/LTE-A+ trial

Tower Overlay over LTE-Advanced+

Rai CRIT, in cooperation with RaiWay, launched in 2015 an experimental trial in Aosta Valley where two data streams share the same UHF channel in time-division: one conveys conventional HDTV programs targeting domestic DVB-T2 receiver, and a second one conveys a flow intended for 4G LTE-A+ devices such as smart-phones and tablets.

This brief note describes the context in which we operated, introduces the concept of Tower Overlay over LTE-A + (TOoL +) and shows the results of the trial carried out in the Aosta Valley.