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3D Interactive Computer Generated (CG)

Graphics for connected devices

Active project

Smart TVs and set-top-boxes of last generation embed GPUs (Graphics Processing Units), that allow high quality 3D graphics, and support advanced remote controls (i.e., pointer, gesture detection and interpretation, etc.). These new capabilities can be exploited to deliver appealing user interfaces and interactive experiences including gaming.

A mobile 3D game application has been developed by Animoka based on “Le storie di Gipo”, a Rai TV show for kids with human characters. Special attention has been paid to maintain the fidelity with the TV program and Gipo’s empathy through a large library of animation clips, facial expressions and a high level of interactivity with the background set elements. Unity scripted events have been mixed to key-frame animation to increase the fluidity of the animation. The 3D assets have been then reused by Centre for Research and Technological Innovation to implement a HTML5/WebGL prototype running on a smart TV, and controlled via a pointer, to assess the capabilities of current TV hardware.

Our goals:

• Investigate issues w.r.t. the production and export of cross-platform 3D graphics assets
• Implement and test alternative CG graphics pipeline based on low cost acquisition sensors
• Develop prototypes to test portability and performances of TV and set-top-boxes
• Provide feedback to standards groups
• Keep Rai up to date with progress in this area

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In collaboration with:

Direzione Produzione TV – Centro di Produzione TV di Torino

Direzione Rai Ragazzi – Rai YoYo