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FIAT/IFTA World Conference 2022

Capetown, October 2022

The title of this year’s FIAT/IFTA conference is “Archive out of the box!”
Proposals based on user experiences, new initiatives or perspectives, striking conclusions, successes but also failures are welcome. The main objective is for audiovisual archive professionals to share among each other to understand the lessons learned and new challenges or solutions arising from entering into new partnerships, launching new ideas, wherever your archive is on the timeline.
The deadline to submit your proposal is extended until 30 April 2022.


You can also apply by May 15 at the FIAT/IFTA Archive Achievement Awards: they are designed to honor outstanding archival initiatives and projects that have significantly improved the ways in which the archives are preserved, managed and used. Any initiative that brings the professional preservation and management of audiovisual archives to a higher level, any project that valorises the use of archives in an outstanding way, is eligible to enter.
Members of FIAT/IFTA can nominate their own organization, or they can nominate a person or organization with whom they have collaborated.


The FIAT/IFTA Awards are as follows:
• Excellence in Media Management
• Excellence in Media Preservation
• Excellence in Unlocking the Value and Potential of Archives
• Excellence in Archive Production


2022 April 12