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The Italian Electrotechnical Committee (acronym CEI) is an association founded in 1909, is recognized by the Italian government, both in the European Union, for regulatory activities and the dissemination of technical-scientific culture.


The mission of the CEI, as a super partes body is to develop good technical normative documents, participate in the drafting and transposing European harmonized regulatory documents, participate in the drafting of international standards, spread the technical-scientific culture and standardization.

For this purpose, the CEI developed a series of regulations and pre-normative activities at national and international level that include, in addition to the main activity of publication of normative documents, promotion and dissemination of technical culture and electrical safety with the involvement of all the social partners concerned.

To fulfill its mission, the CEI coordinates and performs the following activities:

  • develop, publish, promote and disseminate technical standards in electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications for materials, equipment, machinery, equipment, processes and their programs by setting out the relevant quality and safety requirements;
  • provide for the symbols, nomenclature, terminology and unification in the areas of competence;
  • establish criteria, test methods and limits aimed at achieving adequate levels of security, reliability and quality of products or processes, and develop rules and procedures for testing and compliance checks to technical standards; laying down criteria for the laboratories, manufacturers, individual operators, the purpose of their accreditation by the competent bodies;
  • study the scientific and technological problems related to the needs of use, operation, safety or other products in the electrical, electronics and telecommunications spreading their knowledge and domestic use;
  • promote and develop technical culture through training and information activities of various kinds, with documentary and complementary publishing initiatives, including training courses, conferences, seminars and with the support manuals, guides, software applications and technical commentaries;
  • promote and facilitate the certification process;
  • participate in the activities of international standardization organizations, give effect to the harmonization of technical standards and vote on draft legislation in order to fulfill the mandates received by Community policy.

The CEI is also a member of the IEC – International Electrotechnical Commission and CENELEC – Comité européen de normalization electrotechnique direct representation in the governing bodies of the associations.


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