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Personalized Linear Radio

Personalized Radio and the Hybrid Content Radio Framework

Personalized Linear Radio is based on the idea of replacing part of the audio of linear radio with personalized and user-specific audio content. Audio content can be downloaded from the Internet or from other sources. The context can be the profile of the listener, her mood and activity she is doing, her position, the weather conditions, and all the factors that contribute to characterizing the listener’s status. The ultimate goal of the service is to improve listeners’ user experience, giving them targeted content, while optimizing the use of network resources.

Active project

QC – Quality control

Audiovisual quality control

In the era of digital media files, quality control is a key activity in the production process and public communication of audiovisual content. RAI Research and Technological Innovation Center is involved in various contexts related to this issue. Among these we have all the controls of file format compliance with standards, a study also conducted in EBU, the quality control in the context of archive master digitization, and the assessment of the files purchased from external providers.

Active project

IP - based Systems and Technologies for Television Production

This programme deals with the experimentation of new IP technologies (networks, protocols, standards, equipment) in the area of television production, and particularly for studio applications.

Active project

Laboratory characterization of the antenna performance for a typical LTE-800 device

The characterisation of a typical LTE cellphone embedded antenna has been done, in order to enable the simulations of geographic coverage for a terrestrial television service towards mobile terminals.

Active project

Telecomando Rai

Il tasto rosso sui canali Rai

Il Telecomando Rai è una applicazione interattiva a standard DVB MHP: disponibile sulle piattaforme digitali terrestre (DTT) e satellitare (tivùsat), ha l’obiettivo di aggregare in una interfaccia grafica di facile utilizzo l’offerta Rai dei canali televisivi, dei canali radiofonici e dei servizi interattivi per quei televisori e decoder che possono essere connessi a internet.

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Active project

Satellite transmissions beyond S2X

The DVB is currently starting a Commercial Study Mission casting DVB’s Vision for Satellite Broadcasting, looking at the near- and long term, and going beyond classic geostationary satellite constellations, anticipating a successful bringing into use of future low earth orbiting payloads.

Rai-CRIT will participate in these activities, according to its leaderschip role and active participation in the DVB technical module dedicated to satellite transmissions, aiming at evaluating opportunities, times and methods for new standardisation activities.


Active project

Application of the WiB concept to DVB-T2

WiB is a new system concept for DTT where potentially all frequencies within the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) band are used on all transmitter  sites (i.e. reuse-1).

Active project

4K, the evolution of Television

The prospects for a new way of watching TV

Più pixel o pixel di miglior qualità? Le problematiche di un segnale a risoluzione maggiore contro un segnale a qualità migliorata. Le sfide della Rai e del Centro Ricerche verso una televisione ad alta qualità tecnica.

Active project

High Dynamic Range

The evolution of television signal: same definition, best pixels

The High Dynamic Range allows a significantly improved image. The pixels that compose the image are high quality compared to the current pixels, with more information content. The signal reproduced on the new HDR screens is more dynamic and therefore with a much higher brightness, as well as with a superior detail perception.

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