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The new generation of TV sets are enabled for the HDR (High Dynamic Range) and are able to display a very wide range of colors and contrasts. The HDR is characterized by an increased contrast ratio, a larger color space and a color depth of 10 bits, to provide a more natural and immersive, very similar to the way in which our eyes see the real world. The deep blacks, combined with bright accents (declared with a brightness of 1,000 candelas per square meter), produce a level of realism never obtained before.
The HDR is born to improve the quality of the individual pixels, in contrast with the trend of the market a few years ago to increase the number of pixels (4K, 8K …)

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High Dynamic Range

The evolution of television signal: same definition, best pixels

The High Dynamic Range allows a significantly improved image. The pixels that compose the image are high quality compared to the current pixels, with more information content. The signal reproduced on the new HDR screens is more dynamic and therefore with a much higher brightness, as well as with a superior detail perception.