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Global Positioning System. It is a positioning and satellite navigation system that, through a dedicated network of artificial satellites in orbit, provides to a mobile terminal or GPS receiver information on its geographic coordinates and time and references of time (1pps) and frequency (10 MHz) anywhere on the ground or in the immediate vicinity where there is a contact free of obstacles with at least four satellites the system. The localization occurs through the transmission of a radio signal from each satellite and processing the signals received by the receiver.

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Completed project

Laboratory evaluation of the Demetra system for the distribution of time / frequency references via geostationary satellite

In October 2016, at the Laboratory of Rai CRIT, it was carried out a series of tests on the demonstrator for time synchronization and frequency alternative to GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), developed by Antares under the European Demeter project, in collaboration with INRIM.
The tests have allowed us to evaluate the behavior of the developed system, especially in reference to the specific needs for synchronization of a network of DTT transmitters in single frequency (SFN).