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The recommendation and personalization systems risk producing around us a set of information limited and close to the user’s interests, closing it in a sort of information bubble that excludes new ideas or other important information. Concept described by Eli Pariser in “The Bubble Filter: What the Internet is Hiding from You”, New York, 2011

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Recommender Systems for Audio and Video Contents

An investigation of the solutions to limit information overload for radio television media

The advent of the Internet and the proliferation of digital services have led to a radical change in the way people enjoy radio and television. The plethora of products, services and content available on the Internet has accustomed its users to interactivity, the ability to search and choose when and what media content to listen, transforming the traditional radio and television listeners into an active consumers, capable of expressing their tastes and preferences. Paradoxically, the vast amount of content available has created an informative overhead and created the problem of finding the most suitable content for each user.
Recommender Systems represent the technological response to the need of relevance. In this context, the broadcaster has the opportunity to evolve its communicative paradigm: in addition to broadcast its content, it can propose the most relevant to its users.