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TAG: DVB-T2 Lite

It is the “light” profile of the DVB-T2 terrestrial standard, defined for the reception with mobile terminals, which was created to offer to the broadcasters the opportunity to introduce mobile TV services at a low cost.

Projects with this TAG (1)

Completed project

DVB-T2 lite in Aosta Valley

A successful field trials

The Research Center, after experimenting in the laboratory the first prototypes of DVB-T2 lite, activated in Aosta Valley a single frequency network  on UHF channel 53 in order to test the potential offered by the new system . The scheme chosen for the testing involves the use of “mixed” system: the T2 signal is split into two sub frames, one compatible with the standard T2 base, the other T2 lite, optimized respectively for fixed and mobile reception . The four transmitters of Gerdaz, Salirod, Arpy and Courtil radiate a bouquet consists of three HD programs for the T2 base and from one to three services oriented to mobile reception for the T2 lite.