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Content Delivery Network

Network of servers, distributed at national or international level, for efficient delivery of multimedia contents to the final users. The user, instead of accessing remote web sites to get the required content, accesses a copy of the same content stored on a closer server called “edge node”, with a performance increase and generating a lower amount of traffic on the network backbone. CDNs, whose original purpose was the distribution of web pages, are now also specializing in the OTT distribution of audio/video contents.

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TV over the Internet: OTT (Over The Top) distribution of audio/video content

Today, TV content can be distributed via Internet as OTT (Over The Top) delivery, allowing to expand the traditional offer with on-demand services. As the QoS (Quality of Service) cannot be guaranteed on the Internet as on a private IP network, during the years specific network architectures have been designed and developed (CDN: Content Distribution Network) and adaptive streaming protocols (ABR: Adaptive Bit-Rate), in order to optimise the data stream according to the broadband connection and the kind o terminal associated to each user.

Active project


Satellite supporting CDNs for the distribution of OTT services

The integration of terrestrial and satellite telecommunication networks will allow the widespread distribution of OTT contents, offloading the CDN backbone during traffic peaks, for the benefit of the effective picture quality perceived by the users.