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Milan IOThings 2018 – 5G ITALIA

5G, Cities and new media services

As part of the MILAN IOTHINGS 2018 conference to be held in Milan on 10 and 11 April 2018 ( and in collaboration with the 5GCity project ( RAI will participate in the session 5G ITALIA with a presentation titled “5G, City and New Media Services”.

The detailed program of the 5G session:


10 April – 11.15 – 13:30

The networks of the near future are a formidable push for innovation, able to provide people with new ways of interacting with the current scenarios of use of content and services on the net. Thanks to the exponential increase in capacity and speed of data transmission, the fifth generation of mobile networks will enable a world of possibilities for consumers and, as a consequence, will develop new business opportunities for those offering digital services in the various production sectors.

It therefore presents an opportunity to promote the digitization of the country, creating an open ecosystem in which innovative projects can be supported by innovative companies, operators, institutions and research, with the aim of creating a driving force for socio-economic growth.

11:15 Introduction and presentation of the session
Andrea M. Michelozzi, President, Digital Communication

5G Epochal transition for the network
Mario Frullone, Director of Research, Ugo Bordoni Foundation

11:35 The end of the Digital divide. The plans of the industry
Interventions by:
Open Fiber
Wind Tre

Moderator: Andrea Biondi, Journalist, Il Sole 24 Ore

12:20 5G: industry and cities
Gino Carrozzo, Deputy Head of R & D, Nextworks

12:35 The 5G as City Development of 2020
Mauro di Bugno, Manager, City of Lucca

12:50 5G Overview Worldwide
Massimo Basile, Head of Network and Managed Services, Italy and South East Mediterranean, Ericsson

13:05 5G, City and New Media services
Gino Alberico, Manager, Research Center and technological innovation RAI

13:20 Q & A

13:30 End of session

Luca Vignaroli
2018 April 09