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Preserving authenticity of media archives content

Preservation and Migration Seminar 2024, by FIAT/IFTA

In recent years, the topic of “authenticity” was brought back into the focus of the archive community, as a result of the advent of new and easy ways to analyse or even generate content.
This seminar aims at setting a platform to comment on the truly diverse aspects of authenticity.


Authenticity: (1) Part of the archives DNA? ; (2) in the migration process ;  (3) in image restoration: a concept in motion ; (4) A hint on content authenticity thanks to archives and fingerprinting (5) How to sustain the meaning of archive in the era of Artificial Intelligence.


Online, free of charge, registration required.


On June 20th at 17:00 and  June 21st at 09:30 CEST


Laurent Boch
2024 June 19