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2014 , Sanremo with 5.1 sound

The CRIT was instructed to follow the entire Festival of Sanremo 2014 song fielding some of the innovative technologies developed in recent years by its researchers: integrating, for the audio recording, the patented system with the University of Parma, 3D Virtual Microphone System, structure microphone Rai1, setting up transmission Streaming Internet Video and packaging in the format 5.1 Surround sound, the CRIT has contributed significantly to the enrichment of the offer RAI during the Sanremo event. This year the RAI broadcast the Festival with audio in 5.1 Surround mode on the digital terrestrial channel 501 HD. In addition, by the CRIT, in collaboration with Rai Uno Direction, Production Managements TV, RAINET S.p.A. and Radio Division, the transmission of the entire event with high quality audio was carried out on an experimental basis, including on the Internet: the video signal of the program was broadcast on the network, in real-time, associated with its increasingly audio format surround 5.1. For demonstration purposes, Palafiori, building close to the Teatro Ariston, Home Theatre is a station for the purpose of receiving such transmission has been prepared to test the live broadcast is to revive, the next day, for further verification and testing. The result of the experiment has been very satisfactory: the video has been seen of good quality and without interruption, the audio in 5.1 surround format has proved very pleasant and very high quality. By contrast, there was evidence of jitter phenomena relative to the receiving delay related to the intrinsic characteristics of the Internet channel.


Editorial staff
2014 February 28