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Seminar “Acceptance criteria in the context of massive migration processes”

on-line, 22 June 2021

How to define what ‘good’ looks or sounds like, when planning or executing a large migration project for audiovisual media? Whether you carry out the migration yourself or have it carried out by an external service provider, the question whether the work has been done correctly and how to control it is always important. However, for many media archives, even the one with the most experience, the answer is not easy to give.
How to define what ‘good’ looks (or sounds) like? Each project must deliver on three main measurable parameters: budget, timeline and quality. How do we define and measure quality for a project for the massive migration of archive content? This question has its philosophical, technical and monetary aspects.


The International Federation of Television Archives (FIAT / IFTA) organizes an online seminar in which the following experts will present:


  • Miroslav Culjat (RTÉ – Ireland)
  • Charles Fairall (British Film Institute – UK)
  • Bruno Burtre (NOA – Austria)


The Seminar is free but registration is required.
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2021 June 14