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2015, Workshop EBU MDN

June 09-10, Geneva

Also this year the Research Centre has actively participated in the technical workshop EBU MDN (Metadata Developer Network), held in Geneva on 9th and 10th of June, presenting three contributions. MDN is a yearly basis workshop which aims to present to the community of EBU members technological innovations and new applications in the metadata. This year, the event’s program included interventions in the public interest that covered a wide range of applications especially in the field of production processes and storage. During the first day of Alberto Messina works presented a contribution drawn up in collaboration with the University of Surrey on the theme of visual search for media and broadcasting applications with particular emphasis on the MPEG-7 standard CDVS technology [1]. On the second day Laurent Boch has updated the participants on the technological evolution of the management process of the exploitation rights of broadcast works in RAI, with reference to the adoption of the MPEG-21 MCO [2] standard. Finally it was presented the guide to an opera ongoing work in support of the EBU on standard processes of acquisition and advertising publication (egtaMETA [3]) coordinated by RAI within the strategic program EBU SP / MIM (Media Information Management) [4].



[1] ISO/IEC 15938-13:2015 “Information technology — Multimedia content description interface (MPEG-7) — Part 13: Compact Descriptors for Visual Search”;


[2] ISO/IEC 21000-21:2013 “Information technology — Multimedia framework (MPEG-21) — Part 21: Media Contract Ontology”;


[3] EBU Tech 3340, “Metadata for the file exchange of advertising material (egtaMETA)”;


[4] EBU Strategic Programme on Media Information Management (SP/MIM)

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2015 June 08