Version 6.04 (002)

RaiPlay on connected TV

The blue key on Rai channels

Active project

The RaiPlay multimedia portal version for televisions and decoders equipped with MHP technology is available as an interactive application on all DTT and tivùsat satellite platform TV and radio channels .

If the terminal is connected to the internet, RaiPlay can be started:

– via the Rai Remote Control from the list of applications or,

– directly by pressing the blue button on the remote control, if the graphic interface is not visible.

If you have a TV or interactive set-top box equipped with MHP technology connected to the internet, having tuned a Rai television channel, you will notice that a graphic symbol that recalls the blue button on the screen appears periodically, at the bottom right of the screen, for a few seconds : pressing it, you start the interactive RaiPlay application, a version of the multimedia portal adapted to use overlapping the video stream. After a few seconds, after completing the loading phases of the application and related data structures from the internet, the main page is displayed: it consists of some horizontal bands, visible at the bottom of the screen, only one at a time, selectable with vertical arrows of the remote control. Each band is identified by a title and consists of a list of graphic elements, selectable with horizontal arrows; the band can also incorporate a text selector that modifies the elements. The element of a band consists of an image and a brief descriptive text: by pressing the OK key on the selected element, having a larger size than the others, you can access another page with one or more bands on full screen , according to the grouping rules chosen by the publisher, or to the content itself, possibly preceded by an intermediate page with other textual information in the case of films. The application, which shares the same data as the other versions of the multimedia portal, normally presents the first band dedicated to the programs of the last seven days of the tuned channel, the second to the programs of the last seven days of all channels, the third to a selection of tuned channel programs. Then the sections of the catalog, with groupings by category (programs, fiction, films, TV series, cartoons, documentaries, music) and by genre (for example, for fiction: comedy, drama, sentimental, …) and finally a choice of programs from the Rai Teche. Occasionally the first band is dedicated to special events, such as the Sanremo Festival, or to sporting events, such as the Cycling Tour of Italy. From the main page, by pressing the green button, you enter the free text search page: by selecting at least three letters from a vertical alphanumeric list, a search by keyword is performed on the titles of all the contents of the catalog. The main page can be hidden by pressing the back button and in any case disappears after 15 seconds of inactivity; it can be recalled by pressing any of the following keys: arrows, ok, color, back. By tuning in another Rai channel, the bands are updated according to the editorial choices of the destination channel. If the application is started by a radio channel, the main page shows a full screen, with two visible bands instead of one. During the use of the content are available the typical functions of a video-on-demand service: by selecting the symbol corresponding to the action in the graphic interface and pressing the OK button, you can suspend and resume viewing and you can advance and recede in time; if present, subtitles and highlights can be displayed, with which to jump to the editorially significant pieces.

Related Projects

Active project


The TV programme list is enriched with new channels received via the Internet

The future DVB-I standard aims to deliver TV programmes over the Internet, so that they can be received and displayed by a variety of connected receivers (TVs, PCs, tablets, smartphones) with the same ease of use as today’s traditional TV programmes received from an antenna.

The new DVB-I services will be discovered by means of an installation procedure functionally equivalent to a frequency scan, and included in a channel list having a Logical Channel Numbering (LCN) harmonised with broadcast services.

Active project

Rai Remote Controller

The red button on Rai channels

The Rai Remote Control is an interactive application to DVB MHP standard: available on digital terrestrial platforms (DTT) and satellite (tivùsat), has the aim to aggregate in an easy-to-use graphical interface the Rai offer of TV channels, radio channels and interactive services for those televisions and decoders that can be connected to the internet.