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Rai-LIS project

Italian sign language

Active project

A set of virtual characters, owned Rai, is currently under construction. These virtual characters are developed by adopting the latest technologies in computer graphics and landing on innovative use of platforms for the end customer.

This activity allows us to internally manage the entire new content in LIS oriented to service new scenarios generation pipeline for deaf people.

In this context is part of the activities:

LIS for boys: as part of a collaboration with Rai Guys, you are making a new virtual character “child” with the intent to improve the integration of deaf children and encourage a rapprochement of hearing children to sign language. The idea is to integrate the virtual actor LIS technology with programming for children of preschool age, under the editorial guidance of RAI Boys.

Projects awaiting approval by the European Community (Horizon2020): Rai has participated in the drafting of the proposal for the Simax project oriented multilingual translation in all languages of the European signs. The consortium will create a platform for LIS translations in computer graphics and will provide Rai translations of a selection of Television Programs for teens.

In addition to the above projects we are being evaluated further technological solutions:

  • Teletext for the blind: in the past has been made an application on Smart-TV to show a “concept” which allowed access to the teletext pages from an application Text to Speech for the blind. The activation of such a service requires the development of an appropriate editorial process foods that the interactive application and also feasibility analysis to identify the state of the art technologies currently available.
  • SmartTV with assisted navigation: a study for the definition of requirements, to share with leading TV manufacturers (Samsung, LG, Sony), aimed at the implementation of voice synthesis, voice and gesture control to enable blind people a easier navigation through menus and between TV channels (access to information EPG) is in progress.
  • Access to television content through tactile device: a study is underway for the construction of a reproduction tool of television images, via a still image, a tactile Braille support.

Related Projects

Activity within the Rai-LIS Project


Rai realized four virtual LIS interpreters, developed by adopting the latest computer graphics technologies and the use of innovative platforms.
This research activity will allows RAI to manage the entire process of generating new contents in LIS for future services for deaf people.