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Broadband networks

  • Study and design of new systems and full IP networks (evolution of ADSL, WiFi, 4G, 5G, …) and evaluation
  • Performance on fixed and mobile channel models
  • Study and analysis of network architectures for the transport and distribution of linear audio-video content and on-demand over IP networks
  • the planning of the service analysis to assess the potential
  • Contribution to the standardization bodies (DVB, ITU, ETSI, 3GPP)
  • Engineering and support to RaiWay introduction of new systems and services

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Completed project

800 MHz LTE interference on UHF TV reception: laboratory characterization of antenna amplifiers

Following the recent introduction of LTE mobile service in a portion of the UHF band (800 MHz band) that traditionally was intended for the exclusive use of TV broadcasting, serious problems on the continuity of the television reception may arise. In particular, a weak point is the antenna amplifier. In order to analyze (and then simulate) the behavior of this device in case of non-linear distortion due to the presence of strong LTE signals, we carried out specific laboratory tests to characterize some typical antenna.