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Digital archives

Study of new technologies and support to engineering in the field:

  • archiving and documentation techniques
  • computerized management of media rights

Projects in this area (6)

Active project

QC – Quality control

Audiovisual quality control

In the era of digital media files, quality control is a key activity in the production process and public communication of audiovisual content. RAI Research and Technological Innovation Center is involved in various contexts related to this issue. Among these we have all the controls of file format compliance with standards, a study also conducted in EBU, the quality control in the context of archive master digitization, and the assessment of the files purchased from external providers.

Active Project

Educating City

The CRIT contributes to the MIUR Educating City project

The Research Center contributes to the “Educating City” project, funded by MIUR, which intends to define new educational approaches, aimed at preparing a new generation of “smart” citizens, in other words more active, aware and inclusive, promoting new connections between schools , territory and society.

RAI contents are used for the training of knowledge extraction tools, among which a content classifier based on the MIUR taxonomy of the Disciplinary Scientific Sectors and a detector of references to places, people and organizations within texts derived from the component audio.

The tools developed will be available to users of the project platform to identify interesting contents with respect to their activities.

Active project


Digitisation of RAI Master archive

The RAI internal project for the digitisation of archive audiovisual material currently stored on physical legacy carriers. It aims at the preservation of RAI  contents produced and communicated to the public till present day. The Centre for Research and Technological Innovation is involved together with other RAI departments, namely Teche, ICT, and Produzione-TV.

Closed project

European project PrestoPRIME

Keeping Audiovisual Content Alive

The European PrestoPRIME project aims to study and develop solutions that contribute to the creation of a framework for long-term preservation of digital audiovisual products.

Active project

Archives and digital Thecae

A huge archive and information technology to turn it into a working tool, in a handy storage, in a familiar territory and just a click away. It ‘a complex enterprise that aims to computerize the Teche Rai, with problematic issues on which you are measuring a multi-year business plan.

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