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Production and encoding systems

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4K, the evolution of Television

The prospects for a new way of watching TV

More pixels or best quality pixels? The problems of a higher resolution signal against an improved quality signal. The challenges of Rai and Reserch Centre towards a high technical quality television.

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High Dynamic Range

The evolution of television signal: same definition, best pixels

The High Dynamic Range allows a significantly improved image. The pixels that compose the image are high quality compared to the current pixels, with more information content. The signal reproduced on the new HDR screens is more dynamic and therefore with a much higher brightness, as well as with a superior detail perception.

Active project

Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality

A new technology able to, among other things, to involve more the television audience.

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Interaction Man-Media

Webcams and sophisticated array of microphones, directly integrated into televisions, allow you to use your voice to turn on and turn off the TV, turn on one application or another, search for content without having to type text on the handset or use a hand motion to scroll through a menu and, for example, choose a content. The trend would seem, therefore, to enable the user interaction that is the most immediate and natural as possible.

Active project

Technology for "Data Journalism" activities

In the modern digital age, a big challenge lies in the ability of collecting, connecting, analysing and presenting heterogeneous content streams, accessible through different sources, and published through different media modalities. At this purpose, the project is aiming at identifying an end-to-end workflow for data driven journalism.

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