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Networked Audio

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For several years, alongside the traditional and professional interfaces dedicated to digital audio (such as AES/EBU, ADAT, MADI), numerous remote control solutions have been developed based on shared or dedicated use of network infrastructures.

These solutions,  mainly based on proprietary technologies, are remains “islands” that tend to limit the interoperability between equipments and systems, leaving the role of “bridge” to the single devices or to the tradtional interfaces.

In this context, the efforts occurred in AES have led to a standard in 2013 – the AES67 –  dedicated to the interoperability of audio flows transport of IP infrastructure and, in 2015, to a complementary standard – the AES70 – dedicated to the definition of a standardized remote control modality of the connected devices on IP infrastructure.

The needs evolution to transport the signals related to the UHDTV video formats is feeding a big interest and the job of other normative entities to get standardized transport methodologies for Video Over IP.

This joined evolution for video and audio over an IP netword has identified AES67 as a reference standard for audio flows trasnport.

On this theme CRIT is active on interoperability experimentation realizing micro production islands Networked Audio and Networked Video.

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