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Production and encoding systems

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Active project

Integrated Production Systems for Companion Screen

This project deals with the design and implementation of architecture and systems for companion screen applications.

Active project

Integration of Semantic Networks in Multimedia Production and Archiving

The advent of RDF (Resource Description Framework) technology in the first half of the 2000’s, followed by RDF Schema and OWL (Web Ontology Language), represented a quantum leap in the possibility of concretely using semantic networks in the most varied applications. In the field of multimedia applications, among which we can include television production and archiving in general, they are by now an indispensable ingredient for semantic enriching and contextualisation  of content for a very wide range of purposes (from automatic documentation to content recommendations systems). This project aims at exploring in detail these possibilities by defining and implementing prototypical content semantic enrichment systems exploiting existing Knowledge Base and possibly extending/creating new domain ontologies.

Active Project

Educating City

The CRIT contributes to the MIUR Educating City project

The Research Center contributes to the “Educating City” project, funded by MIUR, which intends to define new educational approaches, aimed at preparing a new generation of “smart” citizens, in other words more active, aware and inclusive, promoting new connections between schools , territory and society.

RAI contents are used for the training of knowledge extraction tools, among which a content classifier based on the MIUR taxonomy of the Disciplinary Scientific Sectors and a detector of references to places, people and organizations within texts derived from the component audio.

The tools developed will be available to users of the project platform to identify interesting contents with respect to their activities.

Active project

Metadata standard for interoperable Recommender Systems

Leveraging MPEG-21 UD,  the integration of recommendations provided by different engines is allowed, and, standard descriptions for the users, their context and the services providing potentially interesting (i.e. recommendable) items are described.  Adopting MPEG-21 UD standard descriptions, a service provider can properly integrate multiple recommendations thus enhancing its service and, likely, improving the
user experience.

Experimental activity

Testing a Sony IP Live production chain

A Sony UHD production chain consisting of cameras, video mixers, video signal processors and control panels is currently under construction at CRIT.

Devices interconnect either with legacy interfaces (4 x 3G-SDI) on coaxial cables, or using IP networks and Networked Media Interface (NMI) protocols, as defined by Sony IP Live platform.

Tests will be conducted in collaboration with RAI Production and ICT Divisions, providing, after a first phase of laboratory testing at CRIT, interconnection of two corporate sites through the IP Rai network.