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Testing a Sony IP Live production chain

Experimental activity

A Sony UHD production chain consisting of cameras, video mixers, video signal processors and control panels is currently under construction at CRIT.

Devices interconnect either with legacy interfaces (4 x 3G-SDI) on coaxial cables, or using IP networks and Networked Media Interface (NMI) protocols, as defined by Sony IP Live platform.

Tests will be conducted in collaboration with RAI Production and ICT Divisions, providing, after a first phase of laboratory testing at CRIT, interconnection of two corporate sites through the IP Rai network.

Will be evaluated:

  • ability to integrate Sony experimentation with other similar activities for the transmission of audio / video signals over IP (eg, remote audio stations and mixers)
  • interoperability with other audio / video signals available on the network
  • issues related to the interconnection of switches compatible with the Sony IP Live solution with those already in use
  • transit of PTP synchronism through the local and geographic network
  • remote management of network-connected cameras
  • performances on a geographic network link, with particular focus on QoS (low rate of lost packets, jitter , low latency, packets out of sequence)
  • feasibility of an audio / video “remote production” on the current corporate network infrastructure

This project is a first step to provide useful elements to estimate the investments needed to adapt actual network infrastructure to future IP production needs.

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