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Video production

Study of new technologies and support to engineering in the field:

  • Metadata associated with the production
  • the introduction of full-IP in networks and production processes
  • organization of computing resources (cloud-based)

Projects in this area (14)

Active project

Technology for "Data Journalism" activities

In the modern digital age, a big challenge lies in the ability of collecting, connecting, analysing and presenting heterogeneous content streams, accessible through different sources, and published through different media modalities. At this purpose, the project is aiming at identifying an end-to-end workflow for data driven journalism.

Active project

IP - based Systems and Technologies for Television Production

This programme deals with the experimentation of new IP technologies (networks, protocols, standards, equipment) in the area of television production, and particularly for studio applications.

Active project


MULTIDRONE is an EC funded project of the H2020 research programme.

Active project

Deep Networks in Content Management Systems

The recent technological advancement of computing systems allows today to find computers with extremely advanced numerical processing capabilities. In particular, the use of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for image and multimedia content processing and classification is experiencing a phase of intense development thanks to the deep-seated scientific research conducted in recent years (Deep Learning). Deep Learning is a branch of Machine Learning that uses complex neural networks for a variety of applications. Among these, the application area of  automatic classification of audiovisual content is certainly one of the most interesting from the strategic point of view for RAI.

Active project

Experimental system for visual search on broadcast archives

Visual search technology allows users to search and match image and video contents depicting the same objects, such as buildings, paintings and logos, based on visual similarities and without the need of querying for manually generated metadata.

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