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RAI Bridge a new way to watch TV

On October 26th, CRITS experimented, in collaboration with RAI Gold, the new application RAI Bridge. Designed entirely by CRITS, RAI Bridge is not just a companion screen application, but a true end-to-end system for creating interactive experiences with TV programs.


Through RAI Bridge the user can benefit from enrichments synchronized to the TV program thanks to the integration of state-of-the-art audio fingerprinting technology. The contents and their timing provide an interactive experience packaged and produced by the editorial offices during the normal production cycle through a sophisticated authoring tool. This tool makes the presentation methods of the contents, the layouts and the graphic presentation styles highly configurable, thus representing a versatile tool that can be adapted to any publication need of the company. Taking advantage of these system features it is therefore not necessary to develop vertical and ad hoc applications for each program, but we can exclusively focus on designing the user experience in terms of content and interactivity.


The entire production cycle of the system, from the conception of the contents to the publication and final use by the users, was tested on the RAI Movie program “E’ meglio che tu pensi la tua“, directed by Davide Vavalà, and aired at 11.30 on Saturday 26 October 2019. The experience related to the documentary will still be available for a limited period, in connection with the vision of the documentary on RAI Play (here).


Instructions for downloading and installing the current version of the app are available here .


Below the report on RAI Bridge by TGR Leonardo broadcast on October 25th.

Alberto Messina e Fulvio Negro
2019 October 30