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high quality audio/video signals transport from the shooting site to the TV studio, where further processing may be done. The signal transmission can be point-to-point or point-to-multipoint.


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News 2019 October 08

Antennas for shooting on the move: "Best Paper Award 2019" at the COMSOL Conference in Cambridge

Assunta De Vita, Alessandro Lucco Castello, Bruno Sacco

During the recent “COMSOL Conference 2019” held in Cambridge, the Research and Technological Innovation and Experimentation Center (CRITS) in collaboration with Tecnologie Riprese Esterne of Turin (ING-PROD) presented a work entitled: “Design and optimization of circularly polarized antennas for mobile shooting of sports events”, receiving the prize “Best Paper Award”. This activity, concerning the project of antennas used during the last “Giro d’Italia” in May, is part of the long tradition of research and innovation in support of the transition to digital for shooting sports events on the move.