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Digital Audio Broadcasting + is the chosen technology in Europe for digital radio (EBU Recommendation R138-2013).


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News 2024 February 07

Digital radio broadcasting service coverage inside motorway tunnels: a simulation study for the service coverage optimization

Bruno Sacco, Assunta De Vita

During the COMSOL Conference 2023 held in Munich last October, CRITS presented a study on the propagation of the DAB/DAB+ signal in motorway tunnels. The analysis, based on Finite Element Electromagnetic Simulation (FEM) and measurements obtained in the field, provides useful suggestions for the design of systems to extend the digital radio service in tunnels.

Digital Radio Deployment in Europe

Update of EBU R138 on Digital Radio Deployment in Europe

Paolo Casagranda

The Radio Group of the EBU Strategic Programme, co-chaired by Rai Research Centre, has updated the guidelines for Digital Radio Deployment in Europe, included in the EBU R138 recommendation.