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Encodings Video

Study of new technologies and support to Ingegnerie in the field:

  • New video formats (Ultra High Definition, High Frame Rate, High Dynamic Range, Wide Colour Gamut)
  • Video Encoding (HEVC and beyond)
  • modeling 30 virtual characters (virtual reality and augmented reality)

... Projects in this area (9)

Active project

Deep learning applied to video encoding systems

The new generation coders are called to face the challenge of providing quality video with an even lower bit rate throgh different algorithmic tools, one of which could be represented by artificial intelligence.

Experimental activity

Testing a Sony IP Live production chain

A Sony UHD production chain consisting of cameras, video mixers, video signal processors and control panels is currently under construction at CRIT.

Devices interconnect either with legacy interfaces (4 x 3G-SDI) on coaxial cables, or using IP networks and Networked Media Interface (NMI) protocols, as defined by Sony IP Live platform.

Tests will be conducted in collaboration with RAI Production and ICT Divisions, providing, after a first phase of laboratory testing at CRIT, interconnection of two corporate sites through the IP Rai network.

Active project

3D Interactive Computer Generated (CG)

Graphics for connected devices

Smart TVs and set-top-boxes of last generation embed GPUs (Graphics Processing Units), that allow high quality 3D graphics, and support advanced remote controls (i.e., pointer, gesture detection and interpretation, etc.). These new capabilities can be exploited to deliver appealing user interfaces and interactive experiences including gaming.

Active project

Beyond HDTV

Rai, and in particular the Research Centre, has always contributed to the testing and standardization of new technologies to ensure improved image quality and greater involvement of the viewer in the scene.