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Femicide storytelling: the role of digital archives in Italy

Femicide in Italy is a very delicate social issue. In order to find effective solutions, arguing the reasons behind the violence against women is needed. Media and digital archives can play a pivotal role in raising up a public debate thus sustaining deep analysis and educational initiatives. Notwithstanding, competitive media markets sometimes are inclined to boost sensationalism and superficiality thus spreading misinformation, reinforcing prejudices, muddling the facts and telling half-truths. In such a similar environment, a serious reporting is difficult to have. Contrariwise, a  proper storytelling provided by journalists and by other professional figures can effectively stimulate questions, reflections and ad-hoc solutions. The work presented at the FIAT/IFTA 2018 Conference, describes a holistic analysis of the femicide reporting in Italy. Objective data, relative to the facts have been gathered and classified thus returning a quantitative overview. Then, a preliminary analysis has been conducted on the textual contents extracted by the digital contents which have been reporting those facts. The availability of these contents confirms the social and cultural role of archives, namely to guarantee a sedimentation and construction of an individual and collective memory on a specific topic. The work is part of an ongoing funded research project (PRIN-MIUR) carried out by the RAI Research Center and the Department of Cultures, Politics and Society of the University of Turin (Italy).





Sabino Metta
2018 October 16