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Collaboration agreement between “Aree protette delle Alpi Cozie” and “RAI Research Center”

The RAI Research Center and the Protected Areas of the Cottian Alps (To)* have recently signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of studying and experimenting the usage of drone technologies in the Alpine environment and the creation of documentaristic contents by innovative audiovisual footage of the Territories. Within this agreement, RAI is going to actively participate to the study, research, experimentation and dissemination activities.



(*) Public body, established by the Piedmont Region in 2012, with the mission of protecting and managing a vast natural, landscape and cultural heritage that includes four natural parks (Gran Bosco di Salbertrand, Val Troncea, Orsiera Rocciavrè and Laghi di Avigliana) and two nature special reserves (Orrido di Chianocco and Orrido di Foresto; hereinafter “Territory / Territories”). In addition, the Authority manages an ecomuseum (Ecomuseo Colombano Romean) and 16 “Natura 2000 sites” as part of the Natura 2020 Network, created to ensure the maintenance of natural habitats, of flora and fauna species threatened or rare, and of biodiversity (Website:



Sabino Metta
2021 June 01