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Antennas for reception of TV broadcast services on mobile terminals: “Best Paper Award” at the COMSOL Conference 2020

Antenna’s design for TV reception on 5G mobile devices.

In the framework of the collaboration between CRITS (Rai Research Center, Technological Innovation and Experimentation), the Department of Electronic Engineering of the Politecnico di Torino and the LINKS Foundation, an antenna model has been developed in the sub 700 MHz UHF band (reserved for television services) for mobile reception on 5G terminals.


The goal of this study was to allow the full deployment and proliferation of this technology for broadcast TV services in the near future. However, the requirement to operate at the lower end of the UHF frequency band poses a great challenge for antenna designers, as the limited size of typical mobile devices sets an upper limit on the achievable bandwidth and consequently the achievable performance. The aim of this work was to design and test an antenna model that allows to reach the best compromise between the aforementioned requirements. The performance obtained, in terms of realized gain and antenna pattern statistics, will help to identify the values ??for the link budget and therefore the coverage requirements of the system.


An article, describing the above mentioned project activity, entitled “Compact antennas for digital TV reception on mobile terminals”, has been presented recently at the COMSOL Conference 2020, winning  the “Best Paper Award”.




The news about the COMSOL Conference 2020 Best Paper Award is available here.




Assunta De Vita, Bruno Sacco
2020 October 26