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Digitization Audiovisual Archives Training

Rome, 14-16 December 2022

The International Relations Department, in collaboration with Copeam and Asbu, has organized a training initiative aimed at broadcasters who intend to start or have just started the digitization of their archives.


The CRITS was involved, together with the Teche, Technologies and PTV-CPRM Departments, to present the DigiMaster project and share their experience regarding Quality Control, suitable video formats and Artificial Intelligence tools.


Roberto Borgotallo, Silvia Proscia and Alberto Messina – instead of Maurizio Montagnuolo – presented for the CRITS.


The countries that have joined the initiative are: Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Malta and Montenegro for the Balkan area; Libya, Palestine, Tunisia and ASBU for the Mediterranean area of Africa and the Middle East.

2022 December 28