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Rai participates in the 2020 IASA – FIAT/IFTA Joint Conference

IASA – FIAT/IFTA World Conference 2020, online

From 26 to 29 October, the 2020 IASA – FIAT/IFTA Joint Conference (44th edition for FIAT / IFTA and 51st for IASA), which had to be held in Dublin, hosted by RTÉ with the contribution by BBC / Northern Ireland, took place entirely online. This modality, made necessary by the global health emergency, was a great success with a large audience participation, about 1500 participants from all over the world. The event was managed in an excellent way, like a television production, with a full schedule of presentations and workshops.


The FIAT/IFTA Award 2020 session saw Rai as protagonist, in the Excellence in Media Preservation category, with two nominated projects, one of which was a winner:

  • Maria Zef, curated by Gabriele Di Matteo of Rai Teche, to whose realisation Giuliano Cammarata contributed during his internship at the CRITS
  • XClope, the winner, curated by Danila Komar of Rai Teche; work achieved with the collaboration of CRITS

In the session dedicated to FIAT/IFTA initiatives, Laurent Boch (CRITS), chair of the Preservation & Migration Commission, presented the “Guide to compose tendering specifications for the outsourced migration of audiovisual content”, the result of the commission’s work and soon to be published by FIAT/IFTA.


During the conference also took place the General Assembly of FIAT/IFTA, with the election of the new president, Brecht Declercq of Meemoo, and some members of the Executive Council, including Laurent Boch (CRITS) and Paolo Pagliero (Teche) of Rai.


Rai is also present in other commissions of FIAT/IFTA, with Silvia Proscia (CRITS) and Daniela Floris (Teche) in the Media Studies Commission, Gabriele Di Matteo (Teche) in the Preservation&Migration Commission and Valentina Martone (Teche) in the Value, Use and Copyright Commission.


The next edition of the FIAT/IFTA annual conference will be held between October and November 2021 in Cape Town, South Africa, and it is already assumed that it will be a “hybrid” edition, where the public in attendance will also be joined by the online public.


In a few days the entire video recording of 2020 edition will be available online: updates will be given on the website



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