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Production and encoding systems

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QC – Quality control

Audiovisual quality control

In the era of digital media files, quality control is a key activity in the production process and public communication of audiovisual content. RAI Research and Technological Innovation Center is involved in various contexts related to this issue. Among these we have all the controls of file format compliance with standards, a study also conducted in EBU, the quality control in the context of archive master digitization, and the assessment of the files purchased from external providers.

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IP - based Systems and Technologies for Television Production

This programme deals with the experimentation of new IP technologies (networks, protocols, standards, equipment) in the area of television production, and particularly for studio applications.

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Deep learning applied to video encoding systems

The new generation coders are called to face the challenge of providing quality video with an even lower bit rate throgh different algorithmic tools, one of which could be represented by artificial intelligence.

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Next Generation Audio

A new generation of audio technologies has arrived in broadcasting.

It is necessary to talk about Next Generation Audio because in broadcasting it is prefiguring a higly innovative scenario, in which, in addition to the traditional increase of coding efficiency typical of technology evolution, new and important features are added, which will require the contents producers an adaptation of their production workflow.

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Networked Audio

For several years, alongside the traditional and professional interfaces dedicated to digital audio (such as AES/EBU, ADAT, MADI), numerous remote control solutions have been developed based on shared or dedicated use of network infrastructures.

These solutions,  mainly based on proprietary technologies, are remains “islands” that tend to limit the interoperability between equipments and systems, leaving the role of “bridge” to the single devices or to the tradtional interfaces.

In this context, the standardization efforts occurred in AES (with AES67 and AES70 standards) and the job that is addressing normative entity the solutions for the Video Over IP transport are the  Networked Audio world changing elements.

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