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IBC 2014

Research Centre awarded in Amsterdam

The IBC is the most important commercial exhibition and technical conference in Europe for production and distribution of audiovisual contents, and one of the most important in the world, with the NAB of Las Vegas. Every year it is visited by thousands of visitors, broadcasters and equipment and technologies producers from all over the world, a context that represents a unique visibility opportunity for whole Rai. The article has been choosen among over 200 presenters at the Conference with the reason “…the completeness of the experimentation has been appreciated, from the laboratory test to the measurements in Aosta Valley, and the results obtained are an excellent verificatoin the T2-lite system performance.” The experimentation made in Aosta Valley by the Research Centre in collaboration with RaiWay allowed to prove how, using the T2-lite technology (a second generation DTT variant), it is possible to use the same transmitting installations that carry the TV to the domestic living room to give also services to the mobile receivers (for examples tablet on board a car) without realizing expensive mobile networks and without using dedicated frequencies.

The monitoring of these technologies is strategic for Rai, and more generally for broadcasters, to make the suitable decisions and to underline its own active role in the defense of frequencies for broadcast services to the citizen.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        “In addition to complimenting the team coordinated by Gino Alberico and composed by Andrea Bertella, Silvio Ripamonti, Mirto Tabone and Arturo Gallo and to thanks the RaiWay colleagues and the Aosta office for the valuable support provided to the experimentation – says Alberto Morello, director of Rai Research Centre – I want to underline how the Research Centre, as part of Rai’s Technological Strategies, has always been in the first line for the development of new technologies working with other corporate structures, national industry and with the main receiver manufactures.”



Editorial staff
2014 September 15