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The announcement of the Media Studies Commission has been published

FIAT/IFTA World Conference 2023

It’s online, at the following link, the 2023 announcement of the FIAT/IFTA’s Media Studies Commission.


The Commission, of which CRITS and Teche are part, is dedicated to fostering collaboration between research and archive communities and mediating the growth of scholarly expertise that adds value to audiovisual archives by means of innovative research. To this purpose, the Media Studies Commission has set up the Media Studies Grant as a way to promote and ensure the valorization of academic knowledge for archival practice. The Media Studies Grant is a program that offers support for research carried out at FIAT/IFTA member archives or is of direct relevance to one or more of our member archives.


For the 2023 edition of the grant, which will take place in Locarno, priority will be given to projects concerning the environmental sustainability of archives, postcolonialism and digitization.


The deadline for submitting proposals is Monday, April 3.

Digital Archives Group
2023 February 16