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Rai wins the Digital Diversity Brand Award 2021 for inclusion thanks to the Rai Virtual LIS platform developed by CRITS

The Rai Virtual Lis – Didactics platform wins the Digital Diversity Brand Awards 2021.
The Digital Diversity Brand Award wanted to reward the initiative that more than others has been able to “use innovative technologies in the development of a culture of inclusion“.
Virtual Lis is a project of Rai Centre for Research, Technological Innovation and Experimentation (CRITS), aimed at the production of contents in sign language through Avatars to increase the offer of contents in sign language and new methods of communication for deaf people.

The Virtual LIS platform is enriched by an application dedicated to didactics: the ‘Dictionary’ allows to view all signs in the database, the ‘Translation’ allows to generate new contents in sign language.

Thanks to the success of the CRITS project, Rai is part of the top 20 most inclusive companies selected by Diversity Brand Index.

Mauro Rossini - Carmen Marino - Andrea Del Principe
2021 April 26