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Sound Sensation. Music Without Barriers. When Deafness Turns into Sound

From classical music to folk rock, from dance to Latin dances, including performances of ‘musical’ live painting: sounds, movements, and gestures capable of challenging and overcoming deafness. Deafness is what unites artists with cochlear implants from Italy, Austria, Finland, Germany, and Portugal who – on Sunday, March 3rd at 5:30 PM, at the Rai Auditorium ‘Arturo Toscanini’ in Turin and streamed live on RaiPlay – will bring to life ‘Sound Sensation. Music Without Barriers.’—Musica-Senza-Barriere—03032024-131fdcfe-3c95-47af-b5fc-d1f8ca9a6e8c.html


An event concert organized by Fondazione Akusia ETS – Philanthropic Entity, Apic Association, in collaboration with Rai Directorates for Sustainability-ESG, Rai CRITS Centre for Research, Technological Innovation and Experimentation, and with the support of the Rai TV Production Center in Turin, Rai Radiofonia, Rai Public Utility for LIS, and MED-EL, on the occasion of World Hearing Day. The evening will be presented by Alberto Bertoli, a speech therapist and singer-songwriter, who will also perform his song ‘Stelle’ and his father Pierangelo’s ‘A muso duro.’ On stage, the stories of musicians, dancers, and visual artists will intertwine with music, the ‘engine’ that has driven them to confront profound deafness, remedy it, and return to playing and presenting their performances. This includes the stories of oboist Russel Tyler, pianists Antonella Isaiu and Claudia Mangione, singer Jonas Pietersteiner, the band Satuo, dancer Anna De Regibus, dancer Cosimo Germinario, and live painter Sirad Alas.


To make the musical event fully accessible to artists and the audience, Rai will reactivate the induction loop of the ‘Beethoven Project,’ and Me-Del will ensure full accessibility for all hearing aid users through the Lola Wi-Fi system, as already done for Eurovision 2022 and Sanremo 2023.


Carmen Marino - Mauro Rossini
2024 March 06