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News 2024 February 06

Le nuove frontiere della Virtual Production: CLOROFILLA

Editorial staff CRITS

The CRITS plays a prominent role in the recent television production “Clorofilla,” where CRITS researchers contribute their expertise in Virtual Production, an innovative technology that provides an extraordinary experience for viewers.


Immersed in virtual settings created entirely through the use of Unreal Engine, the hosts take the audience on an original and entertaining journey into the world of botany. Viewers will have the opportunity to analyze constantly changing plants that grow in real-time.

News 2023 December 06

Dynamic HDR Converter tests

Editorial staff CRITS

Despite the widespread commercial adoption of HDR technology, significant opportunities for improvement persist. Rai CRITS actively participated in recent tests conducted by the EBU Video Systems, highlighting that dynamic HDR converters can yield extraordinary results in terms of image quality, surpassing static converters, particularly in handling compression in high lights. It is important to note, however, that artefacts may emerge in certain circumstances, which is why research in this area remains ongoing.

News 2023 November 17

The RAI 4K HDR course, in preparation for the La Scala premiere

4K Production Team & Editorial staff CRITS

The 4K HDR course, in preparation for the La Scala premiere, took place in Milan. The didactic sessions provided a comprehensive overview of the latest innovations in audio and video. This included an exploration of next-generation audio technologies and the ATMOS lab, as well as an analysis of the 4K TV production chain for video. Particular attention was given to the new BT2020 extended color space and the revolutionary HDR technology. The implications and opportunities of HDR technology in television production were thoroughly examined.

Rai contributes to DTS 2023

Rai at the EBU Data Technology Seminar

Paolo Casagranda, Alberto Messina, Maurizio Montagnuolo, Lorenzo Canale

Artificial Intelligence related technologies have quickly become central throughout the radio and television chain and the EBU Data Technology Seminar (DTS) is a reference for operators in the radio and television sector for the in-depth study and discussion of these technologies, applied, in general, to data available in this domain. CRITS contributed to the success of the event, which saw around 200 participants in presence and online, from the creation of the conference programme to the presentation of scientific papers. 

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