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EBU Technical Review

Two studies on 5G involving Rai-CRITS have been published as EBU Technical Review

Editorial staff

As part of the activities promoted within the EBU relating to the study of future technologies for the distribution of audiovisual content and TV services for 5G, Rai Centre for Research, Technological Innovation and Experimentation (CRITS), in collaboration with BBC, IRT, Qualcomm Inc., Ericsson and Plum Consulting/SG3, has contributed to the development of various methodologies for the numerical modeling of future 5G broadcast network scenarios, analyzing possibile critical issues.

These studies, submitted and discussed within the 3GPP groups, have been published as EBU Techical Review.

News 2020 February 19

The announcement of the Media Studies Commission has been published




It’s online the 2020 announcement of the FIAT/IFTA’s Media Studies Commission.

News 2020 January 10

Graduated with honors in Cinema Engineering

Roberto Borgotallo

Last December the neo dott. Ing. Giuliano Cammarata graduated with a 110/110 score at the Polytechnic of Turin with the thesis entitled “The preservation of films. Strategies for scanning, archiving and restoration proposed as part of the DigiMaster RAI project“. The thesis, starting from the practical experience of internship carried out at Centro Ricerche, Innovazione Tecnologica e Sperimentazione (CRITS), investigates the digitalization and digital preservation workflows of films with special focus on 35mm format.

CRITS launches RAI Bridge

RAI Bridge a new way to watch TV

Alberto Messina e Fulvio Negro

On last October 26th, CRITS experimented, in collaboration with RAI Gold, the new application RAI Bridge. Designed entirely by CRITS, RAI Bridge is not just a companion screen application, but a true end-to-end system for creating interactive experiences with TV programs.

News 2019 October 08

Antennas for shooting on the move: "Best Paper Award 2019" at the COMSOL Conference in Cambridge

Assunta De Vita, Alessandro Lucco Castello, Bruno Sacco

During the recent “COMSOL Conference 2019” held in Cambridge, the Research and Technological Innovation and Experimentation Center (CRITS) in collaboration with Tecnologie Riprese Esterne of Turin (ING-PROD) presented a work entitled: “Design and optimization of circularly polarized antennas for mobile shooting of sports events”, receiving the prize “Best Paper Award”. This activity, concerning the project of antennas used during the last “Giro d’Italia” in May, is part of the long tradition of research and innovation in support of the transition to digital for shooting sports events on the move.

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