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News 2018 August 23

Second Edition of MPEG-21 Media Contract Ontology has been released

Laurent Boch

Some months after its approval ISO/IEC has eventually released the second edition of the Media Contract Ontology of MPEG-21.

The first edition was released in 2013, followed by a Corrigendum in 2015.

This standard, which uses the Web Ontology Language (OWL), such as Contract Expression Language uses XML, was developed in MPEG-21 with the contribution of RAI’s Centre for Research and Technological Innovation.

This is a format that allows you to define machine readable contracts on the rights to exploit audiovisual content and is used within the new RAI rights management system.

News 2018 August 23

The Brussels tapes have disappeared

Silvia Proscia

The digitization of the first tranche of tapes of the Brussels Fund has been completed

EBU MDN Workshop 2018

EBU Metadata Developer Network Workshop (MDN) 2018

Maurizio Montagnuolo

The annual metadata workshop took place in Geneva at the headquarters of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU-UER). The Centre for Research and Technological Innovation participated by presenting a demonstration of an evaluation framework for Cloud-based Artificial Intelligence serivices, and the work being developed as part of the H2020 MULTIDRONE funded project.

Piano Nazionale di Assegnazione delle Frequenze 2018

PNAF 2018

Editorial staff

On this website is available the following document

“Consultazione dei soggetti di cui all’articolo 1, comma 6), lettera a), punto 2 della legge 31 luglio 1997, n. 249”

News 2018 March 19

KICK OFF Meeting AutiTec Project

Andrea Del Principe, Carmen Marino, Mauro Rossini

The 9th of  last March, the Kick Off meeting of AutiTec Project: Technological Solutions For Autism took place at the headquarter of the project partner Regional Cluster Foundation Lombrado Technologies for living Environments, located in the Lecco Chamber of Commerce, founding member of TAV Foundation.

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